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Community Impact

The Watertown Area United Way is the critical link in our community - the Board of Directors have the important repsponsibility to the contributors to address community issues in the Watertown Area to make positive changes in people's lives.  Our four Community Impact areas are:

1.  Strengthening and Supporting Watertown Area Families

Strong Families:

  • Have the knowledge and skills to thrive.
  • Live in a safe and health environment.
  • Have access to affordable, quality services and supports
  • Have strong family and community ties.

2.  Helping Watertown Area Children and Youth Succeed

Successful children and youth:

  • Enjoy healthy social, emotional, cognitive and physical development.
  • Have opportunities to grown and achieve their full potential.
  • Have nurturing and supportive caretakers and providers.
  • Have access to affordable, quality early care and education.
  • Experience safe, quality learning environments.

3.  Supporting Vulnerable and Aging Watertown Area Populations

Vulnerable and aging individuals need:

  • A nurturing support system.
  • Access to comprehensive health care services.
  • Service that supports independence and minimizes institutionalization.
  • Access to emergency and transitional services that foster long-term independence.
  • To be involved in decisions regarding their own care.

4.  Promoting Self-Sufficiency of Waterotwn Area Residents

Self-sufficient people:

  • Receive quality education and have life and work skills.
  • Have access to quality jobs, work supports and career opportunities.
  • Are supported in entrepreneurial efforts.
  • Can build savings and access capital.