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2022-2023 Campaign Goal: $715,000 

2022-2023 Agency Programs: 38 

2022-2023 Wrap Up Celebration will be March 1, 2023, at Montgomery's Furniture. 

More information at on our calendar of events!

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Partnering with United Way that means you as an individual, a business, community service group or other can join a global network. The United Way name carries great importance as it is the largest privately funded nonprofit organization serving over 40+ countries in 1,800+ communities since 1887 years. United Way supports sustainable, long term solutions and not quick fixes. United Way is global, national, and local unlike any other nonprofit. Everyone has a role either as an advocate, volunteer, donor, program client, staff member, board member, or program leader. 

Give today and change tomorrow by clicking on the orange "Donate" button in the top right corner of our website, call (605) 886-5815, or mail your donation to Watertown Area United Way, PO Box 283, Watertown, SD 57201. Thank you Watertown for over 50 years of generous support!


2022-2023 Campaign Chairs

Sean & Kristi Melmer


2022-2023 Campaign Kick Off

On Wednesday, March1st from 5:30pm to 6:30pm the 2022-2023 Campaign Wrap Up will be held at Montgomery's Furniture. Click here to view our Facebook page and find more updates!


Marketing Toolkit

Click here to visit the 2022-2023 Campaign Toolkit for all your marketing needs. Click the button below to watch the 2022-2023 Full Campaign Video. 

 FAQ's About the 2022-2023 Campaign

Can I make a secure online donation?

Yes, click on the orange donate button in the top right corner or click here.

What is the Montgomery's Sweepstakes? How do I enter the sweepstakes?

Thanks to the truly generous support of Montgomery's Furniture the Montgomery's Sweepstakes will award one lucky winner a $5,000 Room Makeover and a $5oo prize if present for the drawing. Anyone who gives $52 or more for the first time, increases annual giving by $52, and Heart Club members will be entered in the drawing.

How much do I have to give or need to increase by to be a Rising Star member, enter for the Montgomery's Sweepstakes, or become a Heart Club member?

As you will see below on the Payroll/Recurring Giving chart, based on our giving frequency you can determine the amount you will need to start giving at or increase by to become the level you desire. 

Recurring Gift Chart

What if I am not able to give financially but still want to help Watertown Area United Way?

There are many ways to help besides a financial gift. You can follow Watertown Area United Way on all social media, share posts, volunteer with United Way or one of our agencies, give us a 5 star rating on Google, make Watertown Area United Way your Amazon Smile charity and tell others about the United Way.

What can $1 a week do?

For Lake Area Zoological Society $1 a week can allow a local nursing home group to receive an outreach program at their facility or allow 2 schools to receive a free 30 minute Animal Encounter during their visit. 

For Glacial Lakes Multicultural Center, will provide 1 immigrant  client (non-English Speaking) with a 1 hour translation/interpretation service.

For Watertown Parks & Recreation, Youth Softball/Baseball can pay for 15 t-shirts for youth or a case of baseballs. 

For Dolly Parton Imagination Library, can sponsor 2 youth for one year in the Imagination Library program. 

Not only can your dollar make a difference to the agencies listed above but for anyone who gives $52 for the first time, increases their annual gift by $52, or joins our Heart Club will be entered into the Montgomery's $5,000 Room Makeover! 

Does Watertown Area United Way have an Amazon Smile account?

Yes! When you shop on Amazon you can help support United Way by having us be your charity of choice. See more information below.


To support charity, always shop local. Local Businesses support local charities. Although at times you may shop else where like Amazon. When you shop Amazon make a difference locally by shipping on!

Try this easy way to start with a smile. Learn about AmazonSmile. Select Watertown Area United Way as your charity. From every purchase you make Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to United Way! Create a bookmark for AmazonSmile so you can be sure every purchase you make an impact locally.



The Watertown Area United started out as a Community Chest reaching relevant needs of local residents. Over time the organization become United Way of Watertown, Inc. and had one final name change to Watertown Area United Way, Inc. To view a brief list of United Way history please visit the "About Us" tab above or click here. 

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Have you retired recently, found some free time in your busy schedule or work at a business who encourages and values giving back to the community through volunteering? If so please contact Watertown Area United Way to volunteer with us. We need volunteers every Fall to conduct rallies, deliver packets to campaign businesses, help with the Delta Dental Mobile, promote the Imagination Library and help keep the United Way office open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5pm throughout the work week. In the Fall, we always need help labeling packets, stuffing brochures, bundling campaign print materials, stuffing packets, leading volunteer training, and with our Annual Kick Off and Wrap Up celebrations. To volunteer please call (605) 886-5815 or fill out the volunteer form in the top right corner of our website.