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Delta Dental Mobile Program

Delta Dental Mobile Program Provides Dental Care at No Cost to Youths in Need

by Laura Hoiten, July 27, 2020
The Delta Dental’s mobile dental truck is coming next week to Watertown, SD with exams starting Monday, August 3 and the bus will leave Friday afternoon on August 7.  The truck will be parked at the Watertown Intermediate School located at 601 11st Street NE.
For children who do not have access a dentist because of cost, lack of insurance, transportation, or other reasons the truck will provide care at no cost. Children from their 1st tooth through age 21 are eligible. A full range of dental care is available, including exams, cleanings, preventive treatments, and cavity fillings. Oral health education is also provided to patients, so they can continue to care for their teeth after the visit.  Services are provided at no cost to the child or family.  No insurance is necessary.
The mobile dental truck’s visit is a partnership between Watertown Area United Way and Delta Dental Mobile Program that started in 2011. During the last Delta Dental Mobile visit in June of 2019 the bus provided $33,839 worth of dental care to 49 children. Over half of the children who need the bus have no insurance and some have never seen a dentist before. Through these preventative, diagnostic, and restorative procedures Watertown Area youth are glowing with confidence.  
The Delta Dental Mobile Program provides oral health services to underserved children.  The program includes two mobile dental trucks that travel across the state.  The trucks have been in 81 communities throughout South Dakota and provided more than $17 million in dental care since the program began in 2004. To view our 2019 Delta Dental Mobile report click here.
Registration in advance is needed, and a patient consent and information form must be completed. To make an appointment, please call the Watertown United Way office. Contact Laura Hoiten at (605) 886-5815 or email  for more information.  
The Watertown Area United Way (WAUW) supports over 30 agencies in the area whose focus is in education, health, or financial stability. The WAUW is a non-profit community based volunteer organization whose purpose is to assist in meeting human care needs of Watertown Area residents. Learn more at or follow us on Facebook @WatertownUnitedWay.
Please bring a signed Patient Information Form per child on the day of your appointment and email or call (605) 886-5815 if you are not able to make your appointment. 

Let us know if you are interested in your child getting dental care next year in from the Delta Dental Mobile! Fill out the information below for each child and email to or mail to Watertown United Way, PO Box 283, Watertown, SD 57201.

 Child’s Name:  _______________________________________________________________________________

Age:                       Grade:                                 Has seen a dentist before or no?     Y   N   When? _____________________


Parent/Guardian Name: ___________________________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________  Email:_________________________________________________

Circle the language you prefer to speak:  English, Spanish or another language? This will help us organize translators for the bus next year.